Our Mission

We believe that designers of the built environment have a critical role to play in addressing issues of the Anthropocene.

We work closely with people and governments to address critical issues such as lack of public facilities, water scarcity and waste-management through design strategies, engaging in physical transformation through built projects, and in the process creating a stronger, more cohesive and forward-looking community.

We value the expertise and voices of all stakeholders who craft the built environment – from designers in interior architecture, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, planning and construction management to user communities and civic leaders.

Through the act of co-imagining a better future and through the shared public spaces that we design and construct with the community, we connect people from different constituencies to each other and to the places we propose and build.

We value diverse contributions, and we understand that valuing diversity means respecting and understanding dissent and having the flexibility to make things work for different people with different needs, constraints, hopes, expectations and dreams.

From working with a global team made up of diverse individuals to engaging with all stakeholders involved in a project, we acknowledge that everyone is a teacher and a learner simultaneously.

We believe that the life cycle of a project does not stop at completion of construction, and thus endeavor to continuously evaluate the impact our projects have on the communities, both human and plant, that they involve.

We assess the impact of our projects focusing on four categories: Social, Aesthetic, Environmental, and Economic.