Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Sector 34 Master Plan

How can the vision of a ‘green city’ become a reality, while ensuring that the existing village on site is not transformed into a slum?

This question drives the planning for Sector 34 in Naya Raipur, the Uparwara Eco-Sector Development Plan – an alternative development that integrates both rural and urban populations with integrated agriculture and water management to develop a more sustainable, synergic lifestyle.

By 2050, India will add about 400 million to its urban population. As the explosive growth of cities swallows peri-urban farmland, agricultural villages are displaced or gradually convert to slums while water management and food production become severely compromised. Sector 34, a typical example of such urbanization, is a 231-hectare residential sector that will house a population of 52,000 by 2030, in a new greenfield city. The sector has an existing farming village - the farmland has been acquired for building new residences and the village settlement is out of the masterplan’s scope. This proposal conceptualizes the site as an opportunity for equitable resource planning through spatial structuring which is crucial in defining the contribution landscape architects can make in such rapidly urbanizing contexts. The socially responsible master-plan is driven by landscape infrastructure for de-centralized management of water and food production, ensuring spaces for both human and non-human users. It creates an innovative paradigm for not only rapidly growing urban centers but also for industrially developed countries where cities often have very large, unsustainable infrastructural footprints.


International AAPME Award - IFLA

National Master Planning Award - ISOLA

Project Team

Alpa Nawre

Astrid Tsz Wai Wong

Saurabh Lohiya

Gaurav Lohiya