Kawardha, Chhattisgarh

City Development Plan

Imagine an intersection designed to integrate the built environment and the natural environment.

This statement is the driving force behind our work in Kawardha City. We have envisioned a comprehensive city development plan that blurs the lines between hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure - that merges the built environment with Kawardha's natural beauty.

We have proposed the restoration of the city's talab system, the renewal of Sakri River, and a series of green ways to link existing parks and public spaces. Our plan also includes the pedestrianization of Kawardha's streetscapes, as well as public amenities and way-finding.

Most importantly, we spoke to the inhabitants of this place to better understand their needs and wishes for their city - and have thoughtfully translated their ideas into feasible and beautiful design solutions.

Project Team

Alpa Nawre

Lillian Cooper