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Arunraj vr is an architect and artist from Kerala, India. He has worked as an intern at Manayan architects, Ahmadabad. Arun’s thesis project focused on creating memorial public spaces to address the needs of victims of endosulfan tragedy which occurred in Kerala during 1990s. The design sought to bring public attention to the issue of banned pesticide use and its severe ill-effects on human and environmental health.

He also served as college coordinator for architecture competitions organized by National Association of Students of Architecture, in India which won national recognition. He is interested in traveling and working in the field of rural development. He likes to experiment with different media for sketching and coloring and has most recently been using coffee powder as his medium for painting.

Expertise/Focus Areas

Architectural Design + Philosophy, Historic Documentation, Art, Rural Development

Arunraj planting a tree at the site of a community hall in Silegaon, Maharashtra.